Aug 01, 2013

Great Ideas! 10 Apps That Make Family Travel a Breeze
Amy Tara Koch
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"Once you forward your confirmation emails, this handy app merges all of your travel plans into a comprehensive itinerary so each and every detail is in one place that can be easily accessed online or from your mobile device."

Jul 31, 2013

Finding a Seat That Fits on a Flight

The New York Times
Stephanie Rosenbloom
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"One such tool is Seat Tracker, a new feature from TripIt Pro, the popular trip organization app and Web site. To use Seat Tracker, you must be a TripIt Pro member. Members simply log into the site and create an alert for a future flight, then select their criteria, like a window, middle, aisle or 'aisle or window' seat as well as their desired area of the plane: ahead of the wing, over the wing, behind the wing, in the exit row or by the bulkhead."

Jul 11, 2013

6 Simple Steps to Master Productivity on the Road

Fast Company
Breanna Wilson
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"By using an app like TripIt, your complete travel itinerary is all in one easy-to-access space, without ever having to enter it yourself. TripIt scans your emails and pulls the information for you; it’s as easy as that."

Jul 03, 2013

8 Apps you need for summer travel plans

Jason Parker
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"TripIt Travel Organizer (free) keeps all your most important travel information in one place so you’re not desperately searching through e-mail inboxes for hotel addresses or flight confirmation numbers. With TripIt everything is accessible and organized within the app—even when you’re offline."

Jul 03, 2013

41 million Americans expected to travel July 4

NBC News - The TODAY Show
John Yang
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"Need a confirmation number for a hotel room or car rental? TripIt automatically takes that information from emails and organizes it in one place, even syncing your calendar."

Jun 30, 2013

50 Best Android Apps for 2013

Jared Newman
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"With a little extra effort up front, TripIt spares you from digging for your travel details later."

Jun 26, 2013

Be productive on the go with small-busienss apps

USA Today
Mark Saltzman
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"Handy for keeping track of all your travel itineraries, the free TripIt app — for Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry — lets you forward all your confirmation e-mails for flights, hotels, rental cars and such. Then, TripIt will ‘automagically’ organize them into detailed summaries with confirmation codes and other information."

Jun 26, 2013

Star Apps: Engadget's Tim Stevens

Josh Rotter
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"Tim Stevens--named "the nicest guy in tech" by 'Fortune' magazine—shares his favorite apps, and mobile software-development trends."

Jun 20, 2013

TripIt bring its headache saving team travel planning to iPhone and iPad

Devinda Hardawar
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"It brings together all of TripIt’s premium features with the ability to track where everyone on your team is traveling, and it also gives your company’s travel planner a way to keep track of all the moving pieces from their mobile devices."

May 26, 2013

TripIt Pro: Say Goodbye to the Middle Seat

Jen Hubley Luckwaldt
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"The Pro version includes an extra-nifty functionality: the ability to track your seating preferences and alert you when a better option becomes available on your flight."