Jan 19, 2014

TripIt helps organize details of vacation or business trip

San Francisco Chronicle
Benny Evangelista
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"Forget your flight time? Can't find the e-mail with your hotel's address? That won't happen with TripIt, which keeps your itinerary in one place."

Jan 18, 2014

TripIt helps organize details of vacation or business trip

SF Gate
Benny Evangelista
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"TripIt is a painless way to organize all the details of your vacation or business trip."

Dec 25, 2013

Playing Favorites: 10 Apps That Made 2013 Better

Emily Bibb
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"The Best App to Make the Most of Your PTO: With the TripIt (free) iOS 7 updates, traveling instantly became easier. Instead of stressing over paperwork on our vacation, this app made it easy to swipe between itinerary items and use the power of Google Maps to access directions."

Dec 23, 2013

Digital last, last-minute gifts

John R. Quain
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"Better to put a little thought into it today and get him an app that reflects his interests. There are scores of travel apps, for example, like TripIt for major road warriors, games and countless other diversions."

Dec 19, 2013

Our Newsroom Dishes: Apps We Love

Natalia Angulo
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"What makes the app particularly powerful is that it doesn’t only record confirmation numbers...It finds the address, phone number and other relevant details about flights, hotels, rental cars and more."

Dec 15, 2013

Get Organized: 7 Excellent Travel Apps and Websites

Jill Duffy
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"If you use TripIt, you'll automatically have a more readable backup of all your documents, automatically organized and sorted for you."

Dec 13, 2013

Talking Tech: What's your favorite travel app?

USA Today
Jefferson Graham
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"Our new favorite to track upcoming flights. Download the app, register, and every time you book a flight, the app finds your e-mail confirmation and adds it directly to the app. No more searching through e-mails to find out what time you leave. Just open the app instead."

Dec 12, 2013

3 Apps That Busy CEOs Shouldn't Leave Home Without

Business Insider
Max Nisen
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"It means no flipping between emails, or tasking an assistant with hours spent copying and pasting things into an email."

Dec 05, 2013

Million-Miler Donates Holiday Flights to Less Fortunate

ABC News
Genevieve Shaw Brown
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"TripIt will donate a three-month pro package to the winners so they can easily keep track of their flight and travel documents."

Dec 04, 2013

Avoid Airport Hell: 10 Tips for Less Miserable Flights

Bloomberg Businessweek
Sam Grobart
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"TripIt organizes all your travel plans into one easy-to-read interface."