Sep 25, 2015

These are the 3 best apps to help you manage your travel itinerary
Peter Greenberg
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"Since necessity is still the mother of invention, it’s time to celebrate a few new travel apps that claim to limit that abuse. Sync your email account with an app called TripIt. It merges all the relevant emails for your trip into a single document.”

Sep 16, 2015

7 tips for planning a budget-friendly family trip this fall

U.S. News & World Report
Liz Weiss
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"Beyond taking advantage of websites to compare hotels and flight prices, relying on smart travel apps can help you save money throughout your trip. Undercover Tourist can help you score discounted theme park tickets, while TripIt can help you organize your trip and TripIt Pro can send you real-time notifications to help you stay ahead of flight delays and cancellations, among other features.”

Sep 14, 2015

Travel Wise
Ashish Bhatia
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"The free app allows you to easily create complete and very neat travel itineraries on your phone or tablets. In most cases this is as effortless as forwarding your email confirmation notices or your ticket and reservations to it. The app collates all the information and presents you your travel agenda better than personal assistant would.”

Sep 02, 2015

Technology to smooth today’s travel turbulence

Stephen Shankland
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"TripIt minimizes travel chaos. Using your booking emails from hotels, flights and rental cars, it creates a tidy itinerary linked to your online calendar."

Aug 31, 2015

5 ways travel has changed (for the better) through mobile technology

Hilton Hhonors
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"TripIt Planner is a handy tool for consolidating your travel itinerary and keeping track of important events, from business meetings to departure times. The app is available offline, so you can access it even underground in the subway, and it syncs with your calendar so you never miss a beat.”

Aug 27, 2015

5 great free apps for coping with day-long airline travel

Fast Company
Doug Aamoth
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"You knew TripIt (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, web) would be the first thing on this list, right? It’s that good. Forward the confirmation emails for your flight, hotel stay, car rental, and other travel-related hoopla to a special email address, and the app will automatically cobble together a personal-assistant-level itinerary for you to follow as you gallivant around the world."

Aug 26, 2015

5 great tools to make your business succeed to the max

Ilya Pozin
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"Fortunately, Tripit has developed an app to help you organize all of your trip details in one place. Just set up the service so your emails are forwarded to Tripit, and it will build a master itinerary with all of the information you need. What's more, it's easy to access from any of your mobile devices.”

Aug 25, 2015

The 5 best free travel apps on the market

AFAR Magazine
Kayla Matthews
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"Not in the mood to import your itineraries into the app? No worries—after you synch your email account with TripIt, the app does it automatically. This is the future, people."

Aug 18, 2015

Top 6 apps for business owners (and how to leverage them to save you time)

David Finkel
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"I used to have my assistant cut and paste the itineraries for my plane, hotel, and meetings into my Outlook calendar, but now all she needs to do is forward them to TripIt and the app organizes my travel for me. The "pro" version even tracks my flights and sends me alerts if they are behind schedule. Absolutely love it. Let's face it, travel sucks, but TripIt takes some of the sting out of it."

Aug 11, 2015

8 apps that will make it easier for you to work between countries and time zones

Josh Steimle
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"Think of this app like a personal assistant for your trips. You forward any travel email you receive, such as a travel itinerary or car rental confirmation, and it puts the details into your account.”