Oct 30, 2017

How Technology Can Help you Have a Stress-Free Holiday

Andorid Guys
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"If you’re the sort of person that loves to jam-pack your holiday full of fun things to do, you need an itinerary planner like TripIt. Instead of having to keep track of multiple bookings and trying to plan the logistics of getting from the must-see cultural sites to the best beaches around, you can simply send TripIt everything you want to do and they’ll send you back an organized online itinerary. You can even share it with your friends or family, so they know exactly what you’ve got lined up for the holiday."

Oct 27, 2017

20 Genius Apps That Make Life Easy AF

Carolyn Steber
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"Traveling is difficult enough without trying to keep track of your tickets and flight times. So make it easier on yourself with an app like TripIt. All you need to do is forward your travel emails to the app, and it'll organize everything in a beautiful itinerary. *Sigh of relief*"

Oct 12, 2017

Stay on Top of Business with These Clever Apps

Travel Insider
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"Think of TripIt Pro as a personal travel assistant. Once you link your email account (or email TripIt your booking info) the app will create a detailed itinerary for you and sync it with your calendar. The app also allows you to track flights and seat availability, sends you notifications and even finds you the best seats or alternative flights. For regular business travelers, it's a game changer."

Sep 25, 2017

U.S. News and World Report 50 Genius Money-Saving Travel Tricks Experts Know (That You Don't)

U.S. News & World Report
Liz Weiss
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"Must-have tracking tools for points chasers include TripIt Pro's Point Tracker, which tallies points with hotel loyalty programs, major airlines, and even rental car programs."

Sep 19, 2017

TripIt Will Keep your Shared Travel Plans Updated in iMessage

Saqib Shah
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"After giving its travel organization app a tidy makeover for iOS and Android last year, TripIt is back with another update. This time it's focussing on iPhone messaging. With the arrival of iOS 11, TripIt for iMessage can now update your shared itinerary plans to account for any changes. That includes real-time flight info for TripIt Pro users."

Sep 11, 2017

12 Easy Ways to Stay Organized on Your Next Trip

MSN Travel
Aly Walansky
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"Stay digitally organized with an app like TripIt. You upload all your booking information onto it and it makes you an itinerary for your trip. You can also share your travel information with the other people on your trip so everyone has all the details - friends and family at home can track your flights. Use it for everything from check-in and flight connections to keeping track of car rental and hotel information."

Aug 17, 2017

These Are the 11 Apps You Need Before Your Next Trip

Architectural Digest
Hannah Huber
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"If you are a planner, your travel itinerary consists of a hundred email confirmations scattered throughout your inbox. The TripIt app neatly organizes this mess of emails into a convenient itinerary, alerts you to better seats that become available on your flight, and even tracks your rewards points."

Aug 16, 2017

10 Business Travel Tips for First-Timers

Sharon Schweizer
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"Even if the company booked the trip, compile the itinerary into a tracker such as TripIt to organize your travel plan. TripItsyncs with your calendar,  provide maps and weather reports for the journey."

Aug 15, 2017

TripIt Will Now Tell You How Long It Takes to Get to Your Gate

Condé Nast Traveler
Katherine LaGrave
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“An update to the TripIt app, released today, now lets travelers see the distance between two specific points in an airport and get step-by-step walking directions for the shortest route between them.”

Aug 02, 2017

How Tech Can Ease Your Summer Travel

The New York Times
Brian X. Chen
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"In my tests, the free mobile apps TripIt and Google Trips were both great trip organizers. They scan your inbox for itineraries, hotel bookings and car rental reservations, then stitch all that information into a neat itinerary. Between the two apps, I preferred TripIt because it was less cluttered and showed my trip information in a timeline that is easy to read; Google’s app is crammed with extra features like coupons and recommendations for things to do."