Jan 26, 2009

TripIt Releases Open Travel Itinerary API For Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, January 26, 2009 --Online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt (www.tripit.com) today announced the availability of a new API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to create software applications that integrate with TripIt travel itineraries. The TripIt API is the travel industry’s first open API for sharing travel itinerary information between travel websites, travel suppliers, travel agents and related travel services. TripIt is an open travel platform that already supports bookings from more than 350 travel-related sites and works with partners including LinkedIn, Microsoft Windows Live and Sabre VirtuallyThere. With the new TripIt API, any developer can now build an application that integrates with TripIt, including the first ones from Expens’d, FlightTrack and Where I’ve Been. Developers can access the TripIt API at www.tripit.com/developer.

"We've had interest from the developer community ever since we launched TripIt." commented Scott Hintz, co-founder and VP Business Development at TripIt. "So we're excited to see the great apps already using the API and can't wait to see what other developers create."

Several developers have already taken advantage of the TripIt API, including:

* Expens'd -- An online expense app that now automatically includes details from TripIt itineraries to simplify expense reporting. More at www.expensd.com.
* FlightTrack -- The most popular paid iPhone travel application, FlightTrack now synchs flights from TripIt itineraries. More at www.approposmobile.com.
* Where I've Been -- Travel's leading social networking application with over 4.5 million users now enables automated access to TripIt itineraries. More at www.whereivebeen.com.

"TripIt's focus on business travelers made complete sense to integrate with Expens'd to help customers organize their business travel expenses," commented Robert Dempsey, CEO of Atlantic Dominion Solutions.

"Our integration with the TripIt API enables anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch to track flight delays and cancellations, see live flight maps and check gate changes, without having to re-enter their flight details," said Ben Kazez, developer, FlightTrack.

"With the TripIt API, WhereIveBeen.com now allows a user to connect with their TripIt account on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Hi5 to bring in all their trip information. Their Where I've Been maps are automatically updated with the places they have been and they can also write reviews and add photos to their TripIt trips," said Michael Dalesandro, CEO of Where I've Been.

This first version of the TripIt API enables applications to read, add or delete trip plans in TripIt, while allowing TripIt travelers to control how applications access and use their data. More details at www.tripit.com/developer.
About TripIt

TripIt helps people organize their travel plans no matter where they book—including on more than 350 websites. Travelers just forward their travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and automatically get a master itinerary with all their plans, plus daily weather, local maps, city guides and more. It’s easy to access TripIt from a mobile device or personal calendar—or from a blog, LinkedIn or Microsoft Windows Live. It’s also easy to share and collaborate on TripIt itineraries with friends and colleagues. TripIt is growing quickly and has raised $6.1 million from investors, including O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, European Founders Fund and Sabre Holdings. TripIt has also received honors from Mashable, PhoCusWright, TechCrunch, Travel + Leisure and other top travel and Web 2.0 organizations. More at http://www.tripit.com/.