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Aug 24, 2009

TIME Magazine Selects TripIt as one of 50 Best Websites

SAN DIEGO, August 24, 2009 -- BCD Travel and TripIt today announced that TripIt has just been selected by the editors of TIME magazine to their annual list of 50 best websites ( BCD and TripIt are currently exhibiting at the NBTA (National Business Travel Association) convention in San Diego.

Last week, BCD Travel announced a new partnership with TripIt, an online itinerary platform widely hailed by road warriors for its ability to help them easily organize and share travel plans with colleagues, assistants and family. As part of the new offering, BCD will transfer a traveler's booking to TripIt, which delivers a master itinerary to the traveler's personal TripIt account. Travelers access the itinerary online, via mobile device or through professional networking sites. What they see is a rich itinerary packed with weather forecasts, maps, directions and other important details related to the trip.

Aug 18, 2009

BCD Travel, TripIt Team up to Bring Consumer Convenience to Corporate Travel

BCD Travel to Offer First Mobile, Web 2.0 Itinerary Platform for Corporate Travelers

ATLANTA, August 18, 2009 -- With an eye on helping business travelers manage life on the road, BCD Travel today announced it would soon offer clients an integrated set of services from TripIt, an online itinerary platform widely hailed by road warriors for its ability to help them easily organize and share travel plans with colleagues, assistants and family.

Under the agreement, BCD Travel, the world’s third-largest travel management company, will offer corporate clients TripIt-powered services that meet the evolving needs of travelers and the business goals of travel programs. TripIt allows travelers to share itineraries online with anyone in their professional or social networks. TripIt enables corporate travel managers to meet traveler-satisfaction objectives while squeezing more value out of travel spend. BCD Travel plans to begin offering TripIt services in early 2010.

Jul 20, 2009

SeatExpert Partners With TripIt To Provide Detailed Airline Seating Information To Travelers

Rapidly Growing Trip Management Site Provides One-Click Access To SeatExpert's Airline Seat Maps

Colorado Springs, Colo. (PRWEB), July 20, 2009 -- Frequent Flyer Services, a leading online publishing company serving frequent travelers and owner of, announced today a partnership with online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt. As part of the agreement, TripIt members will have access to detailed airline seat maps provided by SeatExpert.

"TripIt is a rising star in the online travel community, in fact, it has become one of the sites I can't travel without," said Frequent Flyer Services President, Randy Petersen. "Of course, we also operate several services and Web sites frequent travelers can't live without, so combining our efforts made a great deal of sense."

Jul 15, 2009

IBM Widgets for LinkedIn, TripIt Simplify Professional Networking and On-Line Travel Planning

ARMONK, NY, July 15, 2009 -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the first two in a new initiative to develop software widgets for a wide variety of business needs. New Lotus Notes software widgets for travel management and professional social networking are now available. TripIt and LinkedIn applications can each now be opened via single sign-on right from the familiar Lotus Notes desktop screen, enabling and simplifying the management of travel and business networking for millions of workers worldwide.

"Notes is the first open collaboration software to be able to provide users with desktop direct access by both LinkedIn and TripIt. This demonstrates the versatility of Lotus Notes in Web collaboration," said Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Software. "Whatever Lotus customers need, there's a widget for that."

Jun 24, 2009

New TripIt Pro Comes to the Rescue for Frequent Travelers

Itinerary Alerts and Alternate Flight Options Help Manage Travel Delays

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2009 -- TripIt, the trip management company, today announced TripIt Pro, a premium service that gives frequent travelers a new level of control, convenience and peace of mind while traveling. Building on the requests of road warriors who use the award-winning TripIt service to organize their trips, TripIt Pro further improves the travel experience for travelers and the key people in their lives.

"TripIt Pro works across all airlines no matter where I book," said Susan Black, travel industry strategy advisor. "It delivers everything I need on to my mobile phone, helping me stay on schedule and deal with any changes that come up."

TripIt Pro is designed for frequent travelers, with a collection of time-saving travel features:

Apr 28, 2009

Hudson Group Now Integrated with TripIt

Travel itinerary service is just one click away for millions of airport shuttle passengers

SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2009 -- Online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt ( announced today new integration between The Hudson Group and TripIt. Clients of The Hudson Group, including GO Airport Shuttle (, the world’s largest airport shuttle company, will now be integrated with TripIt. Travelers can now add their shuttle reservations to a free TripIt itinerary with just one click.

Apr 14, 2009

Free TripIt iPhone App Takes Travel Itineraries On The Road

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2009 -- Online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt ( today announced TripIt for iPhone. This free application for the Apple iPhone displays a traveler's detailed itinerary on their mobile phone, so they have all their travel plans at their fingertips.

TripIt is a popular service for organizing and sharing travel plans. With the new TripIt for iPhone, travelers now have mobile access to all their TripIt itineraries, which can include travel plans from more than 500 booking sites. Travelers can quickly find the travel details they need, whether their iPhone is online, offline or in airplane mode, and easily link to websites or call numbers from their itinerary.

Feb 24, 2009

Travel Industry Adopts TripIt Open Itinerary Platform

More than 100 developers sign up for the TripIt API in the first 30 days

SAN FRANCISCO, February 24, 2009 --Online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt ( announced today that more than 100 developers have already signed up for the TripIt API in the first thirty days since its launch. The TripIt API is the first and only way for applications to access a traveler’s complete travel itinerary regardless of where that travel was booked.

The rapid adoption of the TripIt API reflects the travel industry's pent-up demand for gaining access to consolidated travel data. TripIt is a free and open service that combines all of a traveler's trip details from across hundreds of online travel sites, travel agencies, corporate booking tools and other sources. With the new TripIt API, third parties can now access travel itineraries using Web 2.0 technologies that are simple, open and secure.

Jan 26, 2009

TripIt Releases Open Travel Itinerary API For Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, January 26, 2009 --Online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt ( today announced the availability of a new API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to create software applications that integrate with TripIt travel itineraries. The TripIt API is the travel industry’s first open API for sharing travel itinerary information between travel websites, travel suppliers, travel agents and related travel services. TripIt is an open travel platform that already supports bookings from more than 350 travel-related sites and works with partners including LinkedIn, Microsoft Windows Live and Sabre VirtuallyThere. With the new TripIt API, any developer can now build an application that integrates with TripIt, including the first ones from Expens’d, FlightTrack and Where I’ve Been. Developers can access the TripIt API at

Nov 12, 2008

TripIt Collaborates With Microsoft Windows Live To Share Travel Plans

SAN FRANCISCO, November 12, 2008 --Online travel itinerary and trip planning service TripIt ( today announced integration into the latest release of Microsoft's Windows Live . As part of this strategic relationship, Windows Live now makes it possible to share TripIt travel plans online.

Windows Live helps people manage all their "digital stuff" across the Internet. Since travel is such a popular activity, it represents an important part of someone's online experience. TripIt is a travel service that manages and shares travel plans, no matter where people book, so it's a natural fit for the Windows Live experience.


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