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Feb 05, 2016

From Maine delights to selfies

The Boston Globe
Kari Bodnarchuk
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"Thanks to a new partnership between TripIt from Concur and LoungeBuddy, you can instantly book a pass at more than 100 participating airport lounges worldwide using the free TripIt app.” 

Feb 04, 2016

10 apps to organize your life

MSN News
Sara Morrow
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"Compile all your on-the-road details in one place with this mobile app. All you have to do is forward your flight confirmation, car rental and hotel reservations, and whatever else you’ve planned to and the app will piece together a day-to-day itinerary for your vacation, which you can access anytime. You’ll never dig through your bag for print-outs or stress about that lost confirmation number again.” 

Feb 02, 2016

Developers look beyond the app

The Financial Times
Tim Bradshaw
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"Ones to watch: Best Applications – TripIt, part of corporate travel management platform Concur, TripIt automatically pulls flight and hotel details from confirmation emails and adds them to a single itinerary.” 

Jan 27, 2016

Your life A to Z

Suzanne Bissett, Gina Salazar
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In this segment, lifestyle experts Suzanne Bissett and Gina Salazar share their favorite tools and tips for planning a family vacation.  TripIt is featured as the premier app and first step to keep you organized and less stressed during your travels.

Jan 19, 2016

Top 15 apps to make your life easier every day

Jennifer Cohen
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“Traveling as you know it has changed for good. Who wants to sift through emails to figure out what flight they’re on, the hotel they’re staying at, and where to get their rental car? This app organizes everything into one place so that you can easily access everything you need.”

Jan 18, 2016

6 ways to upgrade your trip with technology in 2016

U.S. News & World Report
Liz Weiss
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“A variety of trusted apps are collaborating with partners to improve their user experience, such as TripIt, which recently linked up with LoungeBuddy to offer its users access to 2,500 airport lounges.”

Jan 13, 2016

LoungeBuddy and TripIt announce partnership

Travel Codex
Scott Mackenzie
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“TripIt and LoungeBuddy are the two apps I use most frequently when traveling, and today they announced plans to begin sharing information more closely.”

Jan 12, 2016

Technology: Future travel right now

National Geographic Traveller
Donald Strachan
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“Travellers can see upcoming plans or find hotel check-in time at a glance. How many times have you missed a message because your phone was in your bag? TripIt’s Pro alerts actually tap travellers on the wrist if their flight has been delayed or cancelled, or if their gate has changed, all without slowing them down.”

Jan 10, 2016

Genius organizing apps that will change your life

Better Homes and Gardens
Megan Boettcher
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“This app brings everything together in one easy-to-view itinerary. Simply forward your confirmation e-mails to TripIt and it will automatically be added to the trip itinerary in your app.” 

Jan 06, 2016

5 digital resources you need to embed into your life now

Jess Ekstrom
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“There are so many parts to my travel plans that it’s easy to get them confused or not remember what city you’re in or what your confirmation number was. Tripit creates your travel itinerary, just by forwarding your confirmation email. Even better, it categorizes information by trip.” 


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