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Jun 07, 2016

Honeymoon Apps and Websites for Painless Planners

Katie Hammel
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"TripIt automagically puts all the information together and transforms your emails into a master itinerary so all your plans are in one place, accessible from any device and available offline. You can also collaborate with your spouse so both of you have access to the itinerary."

Jun 05, 2016

7 Free Apps That Will Make You an Expert Traveler

Melanie Deziel
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"You can use the free version of the app to manage basic logistics like checking into your flights and getting directions to your hotels, and the premium version offers even more features for the road warrior in need of a personal assistant."

May 27, 2016

Top 10 Last-Minute Travel Tricks for a Great Getaway

Alan Henry
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"Use an app like TripIt. Even if your last minute getaway is actually a week (or better yet, 10 days) long, you still don’t want to let the rush of getting out of town carry over into your schedule—after all, it’s a vacation!"

May 26, 2016

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Best Summer Vacation Trip Ever

Emma Sarran Webster
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"With [TripIt Pro], which I highly recommend, you’ll get real-time notifications when it’s time to check in, when your preferred seats become available, departure gates change, flights are delayed, and alternative flight options in case of cancellations."

May 26, 2016

Travel like a CEO:  Five Experts on How to Master the Business Trip

The Globe and Mail
Neal Mclennan
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"Travel like a techie. These five apps will save your life (and actually work in Canada)."

May 19, 2016

7 Pro Carry-On Packing Hacks for Your Next Weekend Getaway

U.S. News & World Report
Liz Weiss
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"[Lee] Abbamonte turns to trusted digital-planning tools like TripIt Pro not only to organize and manage his trip, but to travel lighter. This way, he doesn't need to search for itinerary details or shuffle through travel documents since confirmation details, alerts and terminal and gate info are all easily accessible with the app."

May 17, 2016

Life On The Go With The Smart Traveler

International Business Times
Anne Lu
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"Travel documents need not be as bulky as it was before, thanks to Tripit. The mobile app saves copies of passport, hotel information and other travel documents safely and securely on a mobile phone."

May 12, 2016

7 Travel Apps That Might Save Your Relationship

Christine Sarkis
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"Never again debate who has the copy of the hotel reservation or the car rental booking. Instead, centralize and share your master itinerary with TripIt."

May 12, 2016

10 Apps For Memorial Day Weekend Trip With Kids

ABC 10 News (KGTV-TV)
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"If the road trip just one part of your holiday adventure. TripIt is our recommendation for consolidating all your travel plans into one place. From hotels to tours to rental car pickups, you won’t miss a beat forwarding along confirmation emails and tickets to their itinerary app."

May 11, 2016

TripIt Puts Travel on Your Wrist With Android Wear App

Joseph Volpe
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"TripIt's already given its mobile app a sleek overhaul for Apple's iOS and now it's Android's turn. The travel app's been updated to give users of Google-powered devices, including Android Wear enthusiasts, a cleaner layout and more helpful planning options."


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