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Dec 27, 2011

Phil’s Top Android Apps of 2011

Android Central
Phil Nickinson
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"I was on the road for two months of 2011, in three countries, 19 cities and 45,901 miles (more or less) traveled. I know that thanks to Tripit — an indispensable app for anyone away from home more than a couple times a year."

Dec 23, 2011

Last-Minute Gift Guide 2011: iOS Apps

Sarah Perez
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"TripIt 'automagically' takes all your trip details and creates one truly helpful itinerary that’s there when and where you need it..."

Dec 22, 2011

TripIt Logs 5 Billion Miles… Next Stop Pluto

Dennis Schaal
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"TripIt users were going places in 2011. The itinerary management service, owned by Concur, handled users’ trip plans to the tune of more than 5 billion miles in 2011."

Dec 21, 2011

Prepare Your Smartphone and Laptop Travel Toolkit

Thorin Klosowski
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"Regardless of whether you’re flying or driving, keeping track of an itinerary can be hard. TripIt makes things a bit easier by consolidating your flight, hotel, and rental car information into one place."

Dec 20, 2011

TripIt: Up to Snuff for Holiday Travel Plans?

Curt Finch
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"Too many bad experiences combined with desiring an online option led me to TripIt and I have to say, I’m a big fan. I’ve also used TripIt Pro which helps me stay even more connected to my travel plans and allows me to easily share my itinerary."

Dec 13, 2011

The Business Traveler Gadget Guide

Fox Business
Staff Writer
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"TripIt is a convenient online service that merges all the variables involved in traveling into one simple itinerary."

Dec 11, 2011

Seven Essential Apps for Your Sales Team
Sean Captain
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"This Web service acts like a travel manager, consolidating travel itineraries, reservations and appointments."

Dec 09, 2011

Give the Gift of Premium Web Services

Whitson Gordon
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"For the globetrotters among your friends, TripIt is a great service that organizes your travel itinerary automatically via email."

Dec 06, 2011

TripIt Now Available for the Kindle Fire

Android Central
Sean Brunett
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"Now, TripIt can bring peace of mind to travelers who carry a Kindle Fire, by organizing important trip details like confirmation numbers, maps and directions at their fingertips."

Dec 06, 2011


Kyle VanHemert
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"Travel anxiety can come from any number of stressors: the misplaced confirmation number, the botched hotel reservation, the how-do-I-navigate- this-city panic when you’re late for an engagement. TripIt lets you say sayonara to all that."


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