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Jul 17, 2012

Hit the Road with These Travel Apps

USA Today
Suzanne Kantra
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"When I'm planning a trip that involves any type of tickets or reservations, I like to keep them organized with TripIt."

Jul 16, 2012

4 Business Tools That Make Life Easier

Janine Popick
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"I love TripIt because you can easily access and manage all your travel details from one place."

Jul 15, 2012

Get Your Daze On... During Your Days Off: 6 Apps To Ensure You Actually Relax On Vacation

The Huffington Post
Bianca Bosker
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"TripIt helps organize your travel bookings -- and keeps the panic attacks at bay."

Jul 13, 2012

Get a Bird's Eye View Of Your Travel Plans With The Latest Version Of TripIt

Casey Tschida
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"Part of our iPad Apps To Plan Trips AppList, TripIt is one of the best overall itinerary and meeting management tools."

Jul 10, 2012

iTravel is Apple's Leap to the Travel Business (and 6 other travel apps you will need)

Karsten Strauss
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"Ever carry around pages of travel times, flight numbers and transportation info when you’re on the move? TripIt is attempting to simplify the planning process."

Jul 06, 2012

Five Travel Websites You Need to Know About

CBS News
Peter Greenberg
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"It allows you to organize your entire itinerary into one location."

Jul 03, 2012

The Start to Finish Guide to a Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

Whitson Gordon
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"TripIt is one of our favorite travel apps that aims to organize all that info in one simple place for you."

Jun 30, 2012

App Reviews: Lemon, TripIt, Yelp (broadcast)
Grayson Thagard
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"When you receive a confirmation email…it automatically puts it into your calendar and creates a travel itinerary for you."

Jun 25, 2012

Order These Six iPad Travel Apps to Go

Dennis O’Reilly
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"Once you've created a trip, you can forward airline confirmations and other pertinent e-mail messages to to have the information added automatically to the trip details."

Jun 16, 2012

From TC40 To $10.1M In Funding And A $120M Acquisition, TripIt Tells All

Jordan Crook
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"Since launching on the TC40 stage back in 2007, TripIt has survived the rise of the smartphone, raised a total of $10.1 million in funding, and completed a super successful exit in the form of a $120 million acquisition by Concur."


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