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Nov 20, 2014

Handy Android apps for hassle-free holiday travel

Sarah Mitroff
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"Your trip is all planned out, and now your inbox is brimming with confirmations for flights, hotels and rental cars. Enter TripIt, a freemium service that corrals all the dates, confirmation numbers and other vital information from your upcoming reservations and turns them into an organized travel itinerary."

Nov 19, 2014

Download These 7 Holiday Travel Apps to Get Home in Time for Turkey

TIME Online
John Patrick Pullen
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"Its free-to-use service is great for casual travelers, but high-powered features like flight status text-message alerts and fare refund notifications can make Tripit’s pro-level service pay for itself."

Nov 14, 2014

16 Apps That Make Holiday Travel Easier

Conde Naste Traveler
Eric Jordan
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"Let’s start with one that can help before you even leave the house. Given the potential stress of holiday travel, don’t let confusion about your trip make things worse. You can put all your documentation in one place with TripIt (free)"

Sep 27, 2014

10 most irritating things airline passengers do

Market Watch
Catey Hill
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"Data released on Thursday by travel app TripIt found that more than six in 10 flyers ranked “travelers being rude to crew and staff” as very annoying — making it the No. 1 behavior that passengers hate."

Sep 16, 2014

Six essential apps for frequent travelers
Dave Johnson
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"First, nothing is more important than a solid itinerary manager. The days of entering your flight information into Outlook are long gone, TripIt handles all the details as well as a personal assistant."

Aug 30, 2014

Five Essential Travel Tips For Small Business Owners

Huffington Post
Maura Nevel Thomas
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"The TripIt app is my travel essential. Forward your email confirmations from airlines, hotels and rental car companies to TripIt and it will organize all the information into one easily viewable window. The pro version will also keep an eye on your flight status."

Aug 27, 2014

The Gadgets, Life Hacks And Apps Tech Entrepreneurs Actually Use
Hollie Slade
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"I travel extensively so a lot of them revolve around travel: Tripit is one of my favorites, it keeps all of my travel related information in one simple-to-access and understand place. Tripit alerts are awesome, usually alerting me to an issue or delay before an airline ever would."

Aug 21, 2014

Top travel tips for a hassle-free journey

Reuters Online
Mitch Lipka
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"Brian Kelly, of The Points Guy, likes the Uber app for car services, HotelTonight to get last-minute hotel deals, and TripIt to make his itineraries."

Jul 31, 2014

10 Amazing Apps to Make Your Honeymoon Travels a Breeze

Huffington Post
Adam Warner
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"When it comes to travel planning and organization, TripIt truly stands out from the pack. Use the app to access flight, hotel, restaurant, and vacation specifics so you can easily manage your honeymoon with one master itinerary."

Jul 02, 2014

Seven Great Apps For Small Businesses

David Prosser
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"TripIt is perfect for entrepreneurs who spend all their time travelling. It’s an app that lays out all your flights, connections, car rentals, trains, plus anything else relevant, in an easy-to-follow schedule. You’ll never miss another pitch."


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