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Aug 18, 2015

Top 6 apps for business owners (and how to leverage them to save you time)

David Finkel
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"I used to have my assistant cut and paste the itineraries for my plane, hotel, and meetings into my Outlook calendar, but now all she needs to do is forward them to TripIt and the app organizes my travel for me. The "pro" version even tracks my flights and sends me alerts if they are behind schedule. Absolutely love it. Let's face it, travel sucks, but TripIt takes some of the sting out of it."

Aug 11, 2015

8 apps that will make it easier for you to work between countries and time zones

Josh Steimle
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"Think of this app like a personal assistant for your trips. You forward any travel email you receive, such as a travel itinerary or car rental confirmation, and it puts the details into your account.”

Aug 03, 2015

TMCs Back New TripIt Program

Travel Market Report
Fred Gebhart
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"TripIt’s new program for travel management companies (TMCs) is hitting its target. The Concur unit designed TripIt for TMCs with industry input and six major firms have lined up as launch customers."

Aug 02, 2015

Best travel apps and sites for tekkies

Karla Lant
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" TripIt is awesome as you're getting ready to go because it takes all of your plans and turns them into a single itinerary on your smartphone—it even goes through your email to make sure it doesn't forget anything."

Jul 31, 2015

20 best apps for small-business owners

Chicago Tribune
Steve Nicastro
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"The TripIt app consolidates your travel plans into a single itinerary, making it easy for any jet-setting entrepreneur to stay atop of his or her travel plans. The application manages all of your travel information, regardless of what website you used to purchase your ticket."

Jul 28, 2015

10 iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life and Work Much Easier

Carren Merrick
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"This is one of those rare apps that actually lives up to its claims to “automagically create a master itinerary for every trip for instant access to all your travel plans.” It keeps track of every detail when I am on-the-go."

Jul 13, 2015

The 10 Best Apps to Pack for Business Travel

Rory Channer
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"TripIt makes itinerary planning easy, by storing all your various reservation numbers in one place for easy access. All I do is forward my reservation confirmation emails, and TripIt builds a master itinerary, complete with everything I need."

Jul 09, 2015

The Download: Amy Robinson

The Boston Globe
Nidhi Subbaraman
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"I travel a lot, and TripIt is the greatest life-hack ever. I don’t have to do anything — all the hotels, all the flights, all the confirmation numbers — it’s all there. I really don’t know what I would do without TripIt."

Jun 24, 2015

6 apps to streamline your professional life

Gillian Katz
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"Travel can be stressful, and travel for business even more so. TripIt alleviates this stress by compiling all of your travel documents in one place to create a business trip itinerary. The app removes the need to flip through various inboxes, remember passwords or add travel dates and details to your calendar."

Jun 22, 2015

6 Apps for the Frequent Traveler
Michelle Phan
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"Keeping track of all your flight info can be daunting. Your email probably will contain confirmations for multiple flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations, concert tickets, etc. TripIt brings some order to this chaos."


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