Mobile Travel Applications

Download free mobile travel applications for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, or sync travel plans to any mobile phone by logging into your account at

mobile travel application blackberry

TripIt for Blackberry. One of three device-specific mobile applications.

To get started create your free TripIt account or forward any of your travel plans to

TripIt reads all of the important information on your email and instantly builds an itinerary that includes important travel details such as booking confirmation numbers, hotel addresses, flight number, and more.

Mobile Travel Applications for Blackberry, iPhone, or Android

TripIt offers free mobile travel applications for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

In addition, anyone can access their travel plans automatically by accessing the TripIt mobile site at , and access their travel plans there.

One big benefit to the native apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry is that these apps allow you to access your travel plans without an internet connection, as long as you have opened the app since adding the bookings to TripIt.

With this feature, you can access plans while your phone is in airplane mode, or even on a plane without wifi.

Why Use Mobile Travel Applications

Mobile travel applications make it easy to keep track of all of your travel details on the go. By adding your plans to TripIt, you don’t need to look up any emails before embarking on your trip.

Instead, grab your mobile phone, and look up flight, hotel, or driving details on the go.

More Mobile Application Features: Maps, Directions, and Route Info

As with your online itinerary, with your mobile itinerary, you can also access maps, directions, and driving routes, based on your hotel, airport, and other travel information.

If you’ve added hotel plans and flight plans, you can find the best route to the airport automatically.

TripIt’s mobile application sync up to Google maps for mobile automatically when available.