Mobile Maps

Access maps, right on your mobile phone with the free travel planner from TripIt.

Plug in your destination and watch as TripIt creates local maps and driving directions. You can then access your travel plans including your maps and directions on any mobile device with internet at .

If you are booking a hotel or flight, TripIt can also create maps based on your hotel or flight confirmation emails. Just forward your travel emails to to get started, or create your free account.

Mobile Maps for iPhone, Blackberry, or Android

Though all you need is an internet connection with your phone to access mobile maps, you can also download the free apps for iphone, blackberry, or android.

Mobile Maps in All Countries

Get maps on your mobile phone in any country. TripIt builds maps for all regions, and you can access your maps on your mobile in any country as long as it has an internet connection.

You can also save your maps online, and then access them on your mobile.

If you are driving between two points, you can access driving directions on your mobile as well.

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