Itinerary Maker

Create itineraries online with the free itinerary maker from TripIt. To get started, create your free account or forward any of your travel confirmation emails to

Online Itinerary Maker

TripIt builds itineraries based on your travel confirmation emails. All you need to do is forward your flight or hotel confirmation email to, and watch as TripIt builds you a personalized itinerary.

Your personalized itinerary can include all of your flight details, hotel information, local maps, driving directions, and much more.

This service is free.

Mobile Itinerary Maker

TripIt also lets you make itineraries which you can then access on your mobile phone. Similar to the online itinerary maker, the mobile itinerary maker is free.

Simply forward any of your travel confirmation emails to, then access your mobile itinerary from the TripIt mobile site, or by downloading any of the free apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.