Free Travel Expense Report Template

Keep track of all of your travel expenses with the free travel expense report template from TripIt.

TripIt keeps track of all your travel details – hotel, flight, and car rental information – including company names, travel dates, and in many cases travel cost, in a single travel template that separates individual trips.

Start tracking your expenses with the free travel expense template.

How the Free Travel Expense Template Works

To get started, forward all of your travel confirmation emails to TripIt reads these emails, and associates them with your account based on your email address, and then extracts the pertinent information into individual itineraries for each of your trips.

Each itinerary will then keep track of your pertinent information for reporting your travel expenses.

Free Travel Expense Template for Flights

TripIt can read flight confirmation emails from all major airlines in the US and abroad, and will automatically extract travel dates, flight times, local time, flight cost, and layover information. It will then associate hotel and car rental information with individual trips based on your flight dates.

Free Travel Expense Template for Hotels

TripIt can also read information from your hotel confirmation emails, automatically extracting hotel name and address, confirmation number, and much more.

If you are also flying during your trip, TripIt will find the best directions between the airport and your hotel.

Free Travel Expense Template for Car Rental Companies

Finally, TripIt can read your car rental companies emails as well. Just forward these along to after booking your car, and TripIt will add this information to your itinerary.

Accessing Your Past Travel Information

You don’t even need to keep track of your travel plans on the go. TripIt remembers all this information for you, so at the beginning or end of the month, you can go back into your ‘past trips’ recorded by TripIt and pull all the required information to fill out your expense report.

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