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Sample Costa Rica Travel Itinerary

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This sample travel itinerary for Costa Rica takes visitors from the capital city of San Jose to the towns of Jaco and Quepos on the Western Coast of Costa Rica, with stops at Los Suenos Canopy Tours and Manual Antonio National Park.

Popular Costa Rica Itinerary Activities

– Hot Springs
– Crocodile Tours
– Canopy Tours
– Nature Walks
– Hiking
– Surfing
– Off -Roading
– Wildlife Watching
– Plantation Tours
– Fishing
– Golf

and much more!

Popular Costa Rica Itinerary Destinations

– Quepos
– Jaco
– Manual Antonio National Park
– Tortuguero National Park
– Braulio Carrillo National Park
– Monteverde
– Tabacón
– Tortuguero
– La Paz Waterfall
– Caño Negro

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