Blackberry Outlook Calendar Sync

With TripIt, you can automatically sync your travel dates to your Blackberry Outlook Calendar whenever you book a trip.

To get started, create your account, and download the free Blackberry app.

Set Up Blackberry Calendar Sync

  • Install the beta app on your BlackBerry.
  • While running the TripIt app, click the menu button on your BlackBerry.
  • Set the “Sync Calendar” option to “Yes.”
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • Click the menu button again, and refresh.

Blackberry Device Requirements

The TripIt Blackberry App works with (but is not limited to) any of the following devices. Both high resolution and low resolution.

High resolution:

  • Tour (9630)
  • Bold (9000)
  • Curve (8900)
  • Any device with greater than 320×240 resolution


  • Touch (9530)

Low resolution:

  • World Edition (8800)
  • Curve (8300, 8500)
  • Pearl (8100)
  • Any device with less than 320×240 resolution