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Staying Organized
Travel Tips

7 Tips for Staying Organized on Business Trips with TripIt Pro

By On March 26, 2018

Sometimes it can be downright challenging to stay organized during business trips. Business trips have many moving pieces that make them more complex than personal travel. Whether you’re traveling alone or with… Read More

flying standby
Travel Tips

Tips for Flying Standby

By On March 16, 2018

Whether you’re choosing to fly standby because a meeting gets moved and you need to get there quicker, or you just want the flexibility and cost savings of a standby ticket, it… Read More

Tips for Driving abroad
Travel Tips

7 Essential Tips for Driving Abroad

By On February 16, 2018

Driving abroad is a great way to explore beyond major cities, and when you’re traveling for business, it may be the best option for reaching colleagues or meeting locations. It can also… Read More

Habits of Highly Effective Business Travelers
Travel Tips

7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Travelers

By On October 26, 2017

Business travel can have its high points and its low points, but regular travelers learn that there are ways to make even tough situations significantly better.  These are the seven habits of highly effective business travelers.   … Read More

running during business travel
Travel Tips

Why Running During Work Travel is Good for Business

By On October 13, 2017

As rewarding as regular business travel can be, it comes with challenges. There is the psychological stress of being away from home and loved ones and the physical impact of jet lag… Read More

Germany travel tips
Travel Tips

Germany Travel Tips

By On September 26, 2017

It’s officially the start of fall—and the start of fall means one of the largest international events in the world, Oktoberfest. Kicking off in mid-September, Oktoberfest’s headlining event is in Munich, considered… Read More

business travel problems
Travel Tips

Business Travel Problems and The Apps You Need to Solve Them

By On September 22, 2017

Say what you will about technology today, but at least for traveling, mobile technology and apps have helped streamline the travel experience. Mobile travel technology isn’t perfect, but many travel apps have… Read More

frequent travel with pets
Travel Tips

Best Tips for Frequent Travel with Pets

By On September 14, 2017

Traveling with pets is easier said than done. Knowing all the airline pet policies, finding pet-friendly hotels, and having everything your pet needs on hand can make for a stressful travel experience.… Read More

Travel Tips

Everything You Need to Know About CLT Airport

By On July 18, 2017

We’re probably not telling you anything you don’t already know when we tell you that “going to the airport” isn’t exactly on everyone’s bucket list. But just like every destination is different,… Read More