upgrade when traveling
Travel Tips

How To Score an Upgrade When Traveling

By On June 3, 2016

Even for experienced travelers, the actual act of traveling can be a grind—long days away from home, unfamiliar places and lots of stress. However, one thing that can brighten your day is… Read More

frequent business traveler
Travel Tips

18 Signs You’re a Frequent Business Traveler

By On May 24, 2016

Frequent business travelers—road warriors—are a different breed. They’re skilled at navigating complex logistics. They’re resilient in the face of adversity, such as a cancelled flight. But there are things that set them… Read More

travel jobs
Travel Tips

Travel Jobs: 7 Careers For People Who Love to Travel

By On May 3, 2016

Many people say, “I’d love to travel, but I don’t have much time off of work.”  But what if you could find a job that would allow you to travel frequently?  What… Read More

packing accessories
Travel Tips

6 Packing Accessories to Help You Fit More in Your Carry-on

By On April 28, 2016

Traveling with only a carry-on bag is often the most efficient way to travel, whether you’re going for business or pleasure. The proliferation of checked baggage fees and long wait times at… Read More

Hotel Security
Travel Tips

8 Hotel Security Tips You Need to Know

By On April 14, 2016

Travelers tend to think of hotels as an extension of their homes—comfortable, private and safe. However, the reality is that hotels can be targets for crime. When you’re out of your element,… Read More

Networking on a Business Trip
Travel Tips

5 Tips for Networking on a Business Trip

By On March 30, 2016

While there are enjoyable aspects to traveling for work, business travel is fundamentally about business. Your company isn’t investing in you so that you can see the world—they expect that there will… Read More

business travel benefits
Travel Tips

Top 5 Business Travel Benefits

By On February 17, 2016

Despite it’s bad reputation, there are many business travel benefits. Many travelers complain about long days on the road, the grind of airline travel, the sadness of missing family events back home… Read More

international business travel
Travel Tips

13 Tips for International Business Travel

By On February 11, 2016

International business travel is more complicated than domestic travel. It requires you to spend more time planning before the trip and there are additional factors to take into account while you’re on… Read More

Traveling for a Job Interview
Travel Tips

10 Tips for Traveling for a Job Interview

By On January 26, 2016

Traveling for a job interview is similar to traveling for business, with one exception—when you travel for a job interview, you’re under the microscope for the whole process. There are a couple… Read More