Sep 26, 2007

New Online Trip Planner Aims to Take Worry Out of Gap Years

The Guardian Unlimited (UK)

Sean Dodson

"...The reason why TripIt might fly where others have remained grounded is because so much of the service operates automatically."

Sep 21, 2007

Web-Based Travel Organizer a Good Replacement for Personal Assistant


Catherine Bodry

"The site acts as a personal secretary for everything else you use to plan your trip."

Sep 19, 2007

Check Out TripIt

Jupiter Research

Diane Clarkson

"I often see travel websites that are re-creating something that already exists. TripIt centers on a new service and builds content and collaboration around what is a unique and convenient service for travelers."

Sep 19, 2007

Microsoft Employee Blog: I Am In Love with TripIt

Shahine's Microsoft Employee Blog

Omar Shahine

"I am in Love with TripIt. I can't say this enough, TripIt is going to change my world. If this is the future, I love it."

Sep 19, 2007

The Browser


"Anyone who has ever planned a trip with a group of friends will appreciate TripIt, which allows friends to consolidate flight information, calendars, tourist attractions, etc., into a single set of shared pages."

Sep 18, 2007

Slick Clicks: News Tools for Online Travel


Rob Lovitt

"Personally, I'm already too easily sidetracked to add more distractions to my day, which is why I like the idea of an online organizer that compiles data from multiple sources into one handy package."

Sep 18, 2007

Trip Planning Gets Easier

Newsweek's Budget Travel

Beth Collins

"TripIt is a worthwhile tool, especially for people who use several booking engines, want maps for every mini-trip within the trip, and print reviews for every restaurant they hope to hit -- in other words, people who, without TripIt's streamlining, manage to generate 37 pages of information for a weekend trip."

Sep 18, 2007

New TripIt Web Tool Makes Organizing Trips Easier

Smarter Travel

Molly Feltner

"The site has some other nifty features, including links that allow you to check into your flights and view SeatExpert seat maps of the aircraft you'll be flying. TripIt also has a social component, so you can invite friends to view your itinerary, and even add their own details to collaborative trips."

Sep 18, 2007

Simplify Travel with TripIt


Kristin Edelhauser

"You may not have the budget for your own travel department, but a new website promises to take care of all your traveling needs--free of charge."