Aug 27, 2014

The Gadgets, Life Hacks And Apps Tech Entrepreneurs Actually Use
Hollie Slade
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"I travel extensively so a lot of them revolve around travel: Tripit is one of my favorites, it keeps all of my travel related information in one simple-to-access and understand place. Tripit alerts are awesome, usually alerting me to an issue or delay before an airline ever would."

Aug 21, 2014

Top travel tips for a hassle-free journey

Reuters Online
Mitch Lipka
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"Brian Kelly, of The Points Guy, likes the Uber app for car services, HotelTonight to get last-minute hotel deals, and TripIt to make his itineraries."

Jul 31, 2014

10 Amazing Apps to Make Your Honeymoon Travels a Breeze

Huffington Post
Adam Warner
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"When it comes to travel planning and organization, TripIt truly stands out from the pack. Use the app to access flight, hotel, restaurant, and vacation specifics so you can easily manage your honeymoon with one master itinerary."

Jul 02, 2014

Seven Great Apps For Small Businesses

David Prosser
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"TripIt is perfect for entrepreneurs who spend all their time travelling. It’s an app that lays out all your flights, connections, car rentals, trains, plus anything else relevant, in an easy-to-follow schedule. You’ll never miss another pitch."

Jun 26, 2014

Apps for travelers: Don't leave phone without them

Chicago Tribune
Carolyn Bigda
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"TripIt (Free; Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows): This is one of the original travel apps, and it's still a good one. TripIt helps organize your itinerary, from hotel bookings and restaurant reservations to flight information, all in one place."

Jun 19, 2014

25 iPhone Apps That Could Change Your Life

Summer Anne Burton
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"If you travel a lot, TripIt is an absolute necessity. It will keep all of your travel itineraries in one handy place so you never have to remember to print your flight info again."

Jun 10, 2014

D'Elia and Morin sing for their social media supper
Jefferson Graham
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"Morin's a fan of Tripit (free; Apple, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) which collects upcoming flight and hotel information for travelers. "I like that it organizes everything for me.""

Jun 10, 2014

Diary Of An Australian Google Glass User: Day 5

Business Insider
Josh Guest
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"When I arrived at the airport, I received a notification on Glass reminding me of the flight number, gate number, check-in time and a status update showing if the flight was on time. The app doing this is TripIt, a brilliant service that stores and organises all my travel details so it can provide me timely reminders whenever I need them."

Jun 09, 2014

Travel Trends Taking Hold in 2014

Huffington Post
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"Existing apps are adding features that come in handy right when you need them—for instance, TripIt has made it easier to share flight-status alerts with friends and family..."

May 27, 2014

The Best Travel Apps for Road Warriors

The Daily Beast
Matthew Kepnes
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"TripIt organizes all your trip details—from flights to train tickets to hotel reservations—in one master trip itinerary, plus it sends reminders & delay notifications, tracks your points and miles, and provides reviewer tips about places nearby. It’s a must for frequent travelers who need to organize multiple trips in a short amount of time."