Feb 18, 2011

TripIt – Travel Advisor (no ads) “Automagically” Builds Your Itinerary

Brian Mongold
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"The app is simple, yet an ideal travel companion with the relevant information it provides."

Feb 17, 2011

The Best Travel Apps

The Telegraph
Francisca Kellett
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"A handy all-in-one app that collates all your holiday and flight confirmation emails into one travel itinerary."

Feb 16, 2011

The Best Free iPod Touch Apps

PC Magazine
David Pierce
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"Since your iPod touch isn’t always online like an iPhone, you need that information saved locally…the TripIt app downloads everything so you can access it all offline."

Feb 16, 2011

Concur Outlines TripIt Mobile Integration Strategy

Dennis Schaal
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"Concur’s existing mobile offering and TripIt’s will be combined into a single product."

Feb 07, 2011

The Best Travel Apps for BlackBerry

Angus Kidman
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"The BlackBerry app…a well-regarded choice for many users."

Feb 03, 2011

The Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Adam Dachis
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"The mobile app makes it easy to keep all your itineraries with you and keep on top of your flights and hotel bookings."

Feb 03, 2011

The Best Travel Apps for Android

Kevin Purdy
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"Premium TripIt users get a few more benefits, but the basic TripIt plan, and app, is way better than carrying around 20 print-outs."

Jan 26, 2011

Travel Is Going Social, Will Business Aviation Follow?

Allen Howell
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"TripIt…was one of the first travel sites allowing travelers to share their itineraries that gained a mass adoption."

Jan 14, 2011

The Daily Start-Up: TripIt Will Give VCs a Nice Ride

The Wall Street Journal
Russell Garland
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"Investors in TripIt will see strong returns from the sale of the mobile application company to Concur Technologies in a deal with a potential value of $120 million."

Jan 13, 2011

Evelyn M. Rusli Concur Takes Off With TripIt Deal

The New York Times
Evelyn M. Rusli
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"TripIt’s focus on mobile should complement Concur, which has been expanding its mobile strategy in recent years."