Nov 04, 2011

"Best Travel Websites"

The Today Show
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"You’re getting emails all the time with your itinerary information and your confirmation numbers. You can just forward them to and it pulls them all into one tidy itinerary that you can then send to your phone and take with you."

Nov 01, 2011

A New Way to Share Trip Plans

Abram Brown
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"Keeping track of traveling co-workers can be a headache. TripIt, the online trip-planning company, recently launched a shared calendar designed to keep everyone in the loop."

Oct 26, 2011

Telegraph Travel Awards: Best Apps and Websites

The Telegraph
Francisca Kellett
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"TripIt is rather a smaller venture, with around three million users, but no less impressive for that. Like all really great apps, it works so well because it is simple and useful."

Oct 21, 2011

The Trip is it – The Best Travel Apps to Save you Money

Huffington Post (UK)
Craig Agranoff
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"What if you just need an easy way to bring all of those electronic itineraries together into one iPhone app? Then fits the bill."

Oct 11, 2011

16 Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster
Ed Hewitt
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"A very early morning flight for my son and me was canceled; luckily, I have a TripIt account, and found out about the cancellation before anyone else in the house was even awake."

Oct 04, 2011

TripIt Expands its Itinerary Platform with Avis Car Reservations

Courtney Boyd-Myers
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"Once you connect your Avis and TripIt accounts, uses your itinerary data to pre-populate reservation fields, add plans back into TripIt seamlessly, and anticipates any flight changes… so the car is ready no matter what time you arrive."

Oct 04, 2011

Avis: First Car Rental Company to Import TripIt Itineraries

Dennis Schaal
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"In a nutshell, Avis enables TripIt members to book an Avis car rental on without entering any other information."

Oct 03, 2011

5 Essential Apps

CNN American Morning
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"TripIt: If you travel at all, get this app."

Oct 03, 2011

Travel Apps that Really Help

Brett Snyder
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"If you’ve ever used TripIt online to manage your travel, you know it’s a great tool for keeping all your travel plans in one place."

Oct 03, 2011

13 Great Tech Tools: Simple Tech For Big Productivity

Business Insider
Ramon Ray & the Team
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"If you travel a lot their the first tool on your list should be a pro account from Tripit with the intelligence built into this smart service, then next time you fly you’ll at least be lots more organized in regard to your mileage credits, flight changes and more."