Jul 03, 2012

The Start to Finish Guide to a Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

Whitson Gordon
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"TripIt is one of our favorite travel apps that aims to organize all that info in one simple place for you."

Jun 30, 2012

App Reviews: Lemon, TripIt, Yelp (broadcast)

Grayson Thagard
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"When you receive a confirmation email…it automatically puts it into your calendar and creates a travel itinerary for you."

Jun 25, 2012

Order These Six iPad Travel Apps to Go

Dennis O’Reilly
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"Once you've created a trip, you can forward airline confirmations and other pertinent e-mail messages to plans@tripit.com to have the information added automatically to the trip details."

Jun 16, 2012

From TC40 To $10.1M In Funding And A $120M Acquisition, TripIt Tells All

Jordan Crook
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"Since launching on the TC40 stage back in 2007, TripIt has survived the rise of the smartphone, raised a total of $10.1 million in funding, and completed a super successful exit in the form of a $120 million acquisition by Concur."

Jun 15, 2012

7 Best Travel Apps

Beth Braverman and Ismat Sarah Mangla
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"Send your confirmations to TripIt for easy tracking of your travel plans, including flight times and confirmation numbers (the app syncs with your calendar too)."

Jun 07, 2012

Planner Keeps Travelers on Track

The Boston Globe
Hiawatha Bray
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"TripIt works as a website, but is also accessible through well-designed apps for mobile devices."

Jun 05, 2012

Consumer Software That's Good for Business

David Murphy
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"If you or your employees regularly travel for business, this tool can help you monitor where everyone is going, track how long they’ll be out of the office, and manage the reservations-related minutiae that crop up with even the shortest of trips."

May 22, 2012

Verizon Wireless’ Brenda Hill Discusses the Best Travel Apps for the Summer (broadcast)

FOX 4 News
Jason M. Vaughn
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"Those confirmation emails you have here and there in your e-mail box, you can bring those all together in TripIt and put it all in one place."

May 21, 2012

What’s Useful Online

Wall Street Journal
Emily Glazer
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"TripIt for Business helps manage company travel by automatically organizing employees’ travel plans in one place. A calendar feature shows when and where colleagues are traveling, and a spending dashboard shows where travel dollars are going."

May 08, 2012

10 Incredibly Useful Travel Websites

PC Magazine
Jennifer Bergen
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"One of the hardest things about planning a trip is keeping all your travel plans organized. TripIt organizes all your plans in one place."