Mar 17, 2015

TripIt Adds A Traveler Profile In Its Latest Update To Keep Your Valuable Documents And Contacts Handy When You're Away

Android Police
Rita El Khoury
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"TripIt has been trying to simplify the process for years, providing travelers with a way to track their flight, hotel reservation, car rental, and other plans in one central place. The app just got better now thanks to a new addition: Traveler Profile."

Mar 15, 2015

Save time and money with free travel apps

The Seattle Times
Korky Vann
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"Having trouble keeping track of your trip details? Just forward all those confirmation emails for your flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises to and Tripit will organize it all into an easy-to-use itinerary for you."

Mar 02, 2015

12 Travel Apps That Will Save Your Spring Break Trip

Brit + Co
Michelle Swift
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"All good travelers have one thing in common: organization. If you’re notorious for losing important info, like your flight number, get TripIt. Save yourself the headache and allow this “virtual assistant” to stow ALL of your travel plans in one place, on any device."

Feb 22, 2015

10 productivity-boosting Android apps

James Kendrick
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" tracks all details about trips and presents it in a logical format that puts everything you need to know on a concise display. The TripIt service is great, and even better with the app."

Feb 21, 2015

Here's how to stop looking at your phone every five seconds

MSN News
Golden Krishna
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"TripIt automatically syncs your calendar with your flights so you don’t have to enter them manually."

Feb 08, 2015

12 Travel Apps to Make Your Life Easier
Marla Tabaka
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"Flight schedules, hotel bookings, and meeting information--this app organizes all your information in a TripIt account. How easy is that? Also a great way to share itineraries and keep track of your team, friends, family members, and the boss too!"

Jan 29, 2015

You Googled It, We Answered It

The New York Times Online
Stephanie Rosenbloom
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"And tools including...TripIt Pro will notify you if the ticket price drops enough to save you, say, $100 after paying a change fee. (Yes, this really works.)"

Jan 27, 2015

Best Travel Deals And Destinations For 2015

Forbes Online
Richard Eisenberg
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"Tripit will tell you if the site finds that the price of an airline ticket you’ve bought has fallen and you’d save by rebooking — even after paying the change fee."

Jan 19, 2015

5 Travel Brands Winning on Social Media For the Week Ending January 18, 2014

Joyce Manalo
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"TripIt’s new partnership with airport security fast-pass company CLEAR; and travel tech gadgets; and UNESCO’s world heritage sites got the got an average of roughly 60 retweets per post."

Dec 10, 2014

This App Is The Single Best Way To Keep Track Of All Your Travel Plans

Business Insider
Jennifer Polland
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"This website and app organizes travel plans into an itinerary, allowing users to see all of their trip details in one place. It sounds simple, and yet it's life-changing for people who travel often... Most avid travelers know about TripIt, but I've found that it still hasn't quite hit the mainstream yet. And that's a shame, because it's one of the best travel sites out there."