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Feb 28, 2014

13 Free Travel Apps Everyone Should Know About

The Nest

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"Forward confirmation emails to Tripit, and the app will organize your trip details into a master online itinerary. It automatically includes maps, directions and weather info, and also gives you the option to book restaurants, entertainment and activities.."

Feb 24, 2014

Star Apps: JD Samson & Men

Josh Rotter
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"TripIt: It keeps me and everyone who cares about my schedule up-to-date on all my flights and where I am on any given day."

Feb 17, 2014

Apps That Organize Your Trips

The New York Times
Stephanie Rosenbloom
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"The simplest way to combine your various travel emails into an itinerary is with TripIt(free), which has a clean, easy-to-read interface."

Jan 29, 2014

Manage Your Airline Miles With Easy TripIt and Superfly Apps

Travel + Leisure
Amy Farley
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" itinerary-management app TripIt can once again track frequent-flier miles from American, Delta, Southwest, and United airlines."

Jan 28, 2014

Explorers Club: The 8 Best Apps for World Travelers

Alexandra Chang
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"Forward your reservation emails—flights, hotels, restaurant bookings—to TripIt and the app will automatically whip together an all-inclusive travel itinerary"

Jan 27, 2014


PC Mag
Jill Duffy
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"TripIt strips out all the fine print to give you just the facts you need, such as arrival and departure times, airport terminals, confirmation numbers, phone numbers for hotels or third-party booking sites"

Jan 21, 2014

AT&T And Sabre Join Up To Stalk Travellers. In A Nice Way

Ben Kepes
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"I no longer use itineraries; (now owned by Concur) does it all for me"

Jan 19, 2014

TripIt helps organize details of vacation or business trip

San Francisco Chronicle
Benny Evangelista
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"Forget your flight time? Can't find the e-mail with your hotel's address? That won't happen with TripIt, which keeps your itinerary in one place."

Jan 18, 2014

TripIt helps organize details of vacation or business trip

SF Gate
Benny Evangelista
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"TripIt is a painless way to organize all the details of your vacation or business trip."

Dec 25, 2013

Playing Favorites: 10 Apps That Made 2013 Better

Emily Bibb
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"The Best App to Make the Most of Your PTO: With the TripIt (free) iOS 7 updates, traveling instantly became easier. Instead of stressing over paperwork on our vacation, this app made it easy to swipe between itinerary items and use the power of Google Maps to access directions."


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