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Oct 12, 2007

Sites I'm Using: TripIt


"The other big feature of TripIt is that it allows you to share itineraries with people you designate - very useful if you're trying to coordinate a trip with business colleagues or friends."

Oct 10, 2007

Website of the Week --

"It takes no time at all and it really works! I just did it and was pleasantly surprised; they threw in maps, weather forecasts and links to useful tips, including links to check-in online."

Oct 09, 2007

Hotwire's Founder Launches New Venture: Trip Management for the Consumer

ATW Daily News

"The founder of Hotwire is back with a new venture: an application that will create a sort of "super PNR" for consumers, dramatically simplifying the management of a trip."

Oct 07, 2007

A Trip Organizer for the Wireless Era

New York Times

Hilary Howard

"If you're looking for a way to consolidate travel information -- besides printing out e-mail confirmations and sticking them into the oblivion of your wallet -- then TripIt, a free online service, might be worth a try."

Oct 06, 2007

TripIt Online Itinerary Planner (Australia)

"I must admit it is one of the most exciting web sites I have seen in a long while."

Oct 02, 2007

Getting Organized While Drinking from the (Outlook) Fire Hose

Scott Hanselman's

"They're freaking brilliant."

Sep 30, 2007

TripIt Officially Launches with New Features

Sep 30, 2007

Weekend Report -- Travel Organizer

KCBS Radio Show

"The service offers a new solution for people who don't have an executive assistant to organize their travel."

Sep 28, 2007

TripIt Officially Launches with New Features


Sep. 28, 2007

TripIt Officially Launches with New Features

Kristen Nicole

"There's a useful calendar integration for Google, Outlook and other iCal standards, which is a very useful automation tool that goes along with TripIt's service."

Sep 26, 2007

New Online Trip Planner Aims to Take Worry Out of Gap Years

The Guardian Unlimited (UK)

Sean Dodson

"...The reason why TripIt might fly where others have remained grounded is because so much of the service operates automatically."


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