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Oct 06, 2007

TripIt Online Itinerary Planner (Australia)

"I must admit it is one of the most exciting web sites I have seen in a long while."

Oct 02, 2007

Getting Organized While Drinking from the (Outlook) Fire Hose

Scott Hanselman's

"They're freaking brilliant."

Sep 30, 2007

TripIt Officially Launches with New Features

Sep 30, 2007

Weekend Report -- Travel Organizer

KCBS Radio Show

"The service offers a new solution for people who don't have an executive assistant to organize their travel."

Sep 28, 2007

TripIt Officially Launches with New Features


Sep. 28, 2007

TripIt Officially Launches with New Features

Kristen Nicole

"There's a useful calendar integration for Google, Outlook and other iCal standards, which is a very useful automation tool that goes along with TripIt's service."

Sep 26, 2007

New Online Trip Planner Aims to Take Worry Out of Gap Years

The Guardian Unlimited (UK)

Sean Dodson

"...The reason why TripIt might fly where others have remained grounded is because so much of the service operates automatically."

Sep 26, 2007

TechCrunch in on the lookout for Dotcom boom: version 2.0

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Claudine Beaumont

"TripIt has the potential to be the next big thing."

Sep 21, 2007

Web-Based Travel Organizer a Good Replacement for Personal Assistant


Catherine Bodry

"The site acts as a personal secretary for everything else you use to plan your trip."

Sep 19, 2007

The Browser


"Anyone who has ever planned a trip with a group of friends will appreciate TripIt, which allows friends to consolidate flight information, calendars, tourist attractions, etc., into a single set of shared pages."

Sep 19, 2007

Microsoft Employee Blog: I Am In Love with TripIt

Shahine's Microsoft Employee Blog

Omar Shahine

"I am in Love with TripIt. I can't say this enough, TripIt is going to change my world. If this is the future, I love it."


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