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Dec 09, 2007


100Shiki (Japan)

"This is just so convenient."

Dec 08, 2007

TripIt Update

JKontheRun Blog

Kevin Tofel

"They fixed my CES itinerary."

Dec 07, 2007

TripIt For the Holidays


Phil Butler

"The bottom line is, this service rocks if you travel."

Dec 06, 2007

TripIt Adds Calendar Subscription


Stowe Boyd

"TripIt neatly parses the email and creates a new trip entry. I love that feature!"

Dec 06, 2007

Travel Site Upgrades Makes Getting to Grandma's House Cheaper and Easier

Wired: Blog

Scott Gilbertson

"TripIt now syncs itineraries with any personal calendar that supports the iCal format."

Dec 06, 2007

TripIt now syncs your travel plans to calendars, mobile phones

CNET Crave

Josh Lowensohn

"TripIt will spit that out to both your e-mail and your linked-up calendars."

Nov 30, 2007

Cool Site of the Day

Kim Komando

"Wouldn't it be great if you could put all of these in one easy place? Well, with TripIt, you can!"

Nov 26, 2007


Tasty Blog Snack

"Check it out! Hope you find as much of a use for tripit as I have."

Nov 26, 2007

New Generation of Travel Sites

Associated Press

Megan Scott

"Organizes travel plans into one master online itinerary."

Nov 24, 2007

Website Helps Track Trip Plans

Washington Post

Anick Jesdanun

"A new Web site called TripIt came to the rescue as I was planning three out-of-town weekends in a row this fall."


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