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May 17, 2011

Apps for Traveling Smarter

John Moore
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"Keeping your itinerary in order can be a chore, especially for a multiple-destination trip. TripIt streamlines the process by organizing flight and gate numbers, hotel reservations, and rental car confirmations into a single itinerary."

May 10, 2011

TripIt Updated, Big Enhancements Including Two New Widgets

Android Central
Sean Brunett
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"The popular travel app TripIt has been given a major update."

May 07, 2011

iPad for Business Round-up: Adobe Connect, TripIt and More

Klint Finley
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"TripIt takes your various itineraries and organizes them all in one handy location."

May 05, 2011

Startups Prepare for Takeoff

Staff Writer
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"Send a flight itinerary to and the site builds a custom report with weather forecasts and maps. For $49 a year, it’ll provide mobile alerts when a flight is delayed or prices change."

May 03, 2011

TripIt Crowned Best Travel App by Webbys

Casey Tschida
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"TripIt is a travel assistance app to make your on-the-go life more efficient."

May 03, 2011

TripIt Ends Lengthy Wait, Launches iPad App

Kevin May
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"Almost a year to the day since the Apple iPad hit the marketplace, trip management service TripIt has finally unveiled a dedicated application for the device."

Apr 18, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Apps

Budget Travel
Staff Writer
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"The TripIt travel app culls flight numbers, gate information, and even loyalty-program account numbers from e-mail receipts you forward."

Apr 06, 2011

Best iPhone Holiday Apps: Apps of the Week

Metro (UK)
Kieran Alger
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"Constantly worried about missing connections or misplacing hotel addresses? TripIt helps keep all your travel plans in order."

Apr 06, 2011

TripIt API Boasts More than 330 Apps

Dennis Schaal
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"With the TripIt API, there’s obviously a whole lot of innovation going on."

Apr 04, 2011

Top 11 Essential Android Apps

James Kendrick
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"...I do I find TripIt Pro to be invaluable as keeping up with my itineraries. Getting them into TripIt couldn’t be easier..."


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