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Sep 11, 2011

TripIt App Releases Update, Used by Business and Leisure Travelers
Rick Limpert
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"Atlanta travelers of both the leisure and business variety have to be organized before they leave the house. A free Android and iOS app, Tripit, helps this happen."

Sep 08, 2011

Android or iOS: Who Travels more? TripIt Knows

Kevin C. Tofel
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"TripIt says the updated Android app looks cleaner — and I agree — plus the software takes up 30 percent less storage space, supports Google sign-in, and is ad-free."

Sep 01, 2011

TripIt Review

Travel Channel
Bob Tedeschi
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"You can cut and paste all your travel information into a single document, or you can take all your confirmation emails and forward them to and let the site build a folder for you."

Aug 08, 2011

Best iPhone Travel Apps: 10 Essential Downloads

Zach Honig
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"After creating an account on, simply forward your flight, hotel, or rental car confirmation emails to, and essential travel details will be stored online."

Aug 04, 2011

Five (And Then Some) Tech Tips for Travel

The New York Times
David Pogue
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"TripIt is this amazing, free Web site. If you’re still typing your flights and travel details into your computer calendar or phone by hand, you’re wasting a lot of time."

Aug 03, 2011

Lifehacker Pack for iPhone: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps

Adam Dachis
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"If you haven’t used TripIt to manage your travel itineraries, you’ve been missing out."

Aug 02, 2011

TripIt Pro Saved me $317 on One Flight, Let it Work for you too

Matthew Miller
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"The Pro version paid for itself last week when I received a fare alert on my phone. I have never seen this before or even knew that airlines offered things such as price guarantees so I thought it was just some kind of spam deal."

Jul 28, 2011

TripIt Has 1 million Mobile Customers and Hopes to Get to 10 million User Level

Dennis Schaal
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"TripIt, the itinerary management service acquired by Concur in January, has reached a milestone: 1 million mobile users."

Jul 27, 2011

Best Travel Websites and Apps

Travel + Leisure
Staff Writer
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"Every travel-booking site worth its salt now offers the itinerary-management features that TripIt pioneered, but few include such extras as integrated frequent-flier and loyalty-point trackers."

Jul 26, 2011

TripIt: iPad Beats Kindle for Business Travelers

Dennis Schaal
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"The competition between the iPad and Kindle among business travelers is fairly tight, but the iPad is expected to pull ahead, according to a survey conducted by TripIt."


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