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Sep 27, 2011

8 Apps to Simplify Business Traveling

Liau Yun Qing
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"…Christopher Ross, founder and senior consultant at Carina LLC, said despite having his itinerary on his calendar, the ease of use of TripIt and the ability to share his travel plans with family and friends ‘can’t be beat’."

Sep 27, 2011

10 Most Useful Travel Websites

CNN Travel
Sean O’Neill (
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"Don’t have an über-organized type among your travel crew? Don’t worry. TripIt consolidates every important detail of your vacation into a single handy document, which you can access on the go via laptop, tablet, or smartphone."

Sep 19, 2011

Apps Rush: Pringles Crunch Band, TripIt, Bon Jovi and more

The Guardian
Stuart Dredge
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"Travel-organising service Tripit has launched its new Windows Phone app after a period in beta testing."

Sep 19, 2011

TripIt Travels to Windows Phone Devices

PC Magazine
Troy Dreier
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" with Windows Phone devices can view all of their travel plans in one place, then share those details with others."

Sep 16, 2011

NY Times Confirms iPhone 5, U.K. Riot Committee Grills Twitter, Facebook, RIM Stocks Slide, TripIt Debuts Windows Mobile App

Fast Company
Nidhi Subbaraman
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"A popular travel app made by Concur, TripIt, is now available for Windows mobile devices."

Sep 13, 2011

TripIt Brings Itinerary Services to Android

Matt DeLuca
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"Like the app for iOS, the Android TripIt scans an uploaded travel itinerary, organizes all a user’s travel information in one place, and translates it into Google Calendar."

Sep 13, 2011

Tech & Your Biz: How a Financial Firm Streamlined its Travel Planning

Business Insider
Ramon Ray
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"Since implementing TripIt for Business, Chatham’s travel arrangers have saved nearly a full workday every week in time previously spent managing travel plans for more than 50 employees, and organizing an average of 100+ confirmation emails every month."

Sep 11, 2011

TripIt App Releases Update, Used by Business and Leisure Travelers
Rick Limpert
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"Atlanta travelers of both the leisure and business variety have to be organized before they leave the house. A free Android and iOS app, Tripit, helps this happen."

Sep 08, 2011

Android or iOS: Who Travels more? TripIt Knows

Kevin C. Tofel
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"TripIt says the updated Android app looks cleaner — and I agree — plus the software takes up 30 percent less storage space, supports Google sign-in, and is ad-free."

Sep 01, 2011

TripIt Review

Travel Channel
Bob Tedeschi
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"You can cut and paste all your travel information into a single document, or you can take all your confirmation emails and forward them to and let the site build a folder for you."


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