View Itinerary Online

View your itinerary online with the free travel itinerary builder from TripIt.

TripIt creates personalized travel itineraries based on your travel confirmation emails.

How to View Itinerary Online

To get started, create your account, and forward all of your booking confirmation emails to

It doesn’t matter what you book, forward TripIt your confirmation emails from your airline, hotel, or car rental company.

You can then view your itinerary by logging into your account on the TripIt website or on your mobile phone on the TripIt mobile website, or on any of the TripIt mobile apps.

Create Your Itinerary Online

No matter where you booked your flight, hotel, or car rental service, TripIt can read emails from all major travel companies in the US and Abroad.

You can create an itinerary in minutes by forwarding emails from the airline or hotel themselves, or from any booking sites, such as Expedia or Hotwire.

View Important Itinerary Details

TripIt automatically extracts important travel details from your booking emails, and puts them in your itinerary.

Easily view all of these travel details from your itinerary:

  • Flight Time and Travel Dates
  • Airline Name and Terminal
  • Airport Name and Address
  • Hotel Name and Address
  • Directions to Your Hotel from the Airport
  • Booking Confirmation Number and Contact Information

and much more.

To get started, create your account.