View Flight Itinerary Online

With TripIt, its easy to view your flight itinerary online, which you can then use to check for flight updates, gate changes, delays, cancellations, and other updates to your itinerary.

How to View Your Flight Itinerary Online

To get started, simply forward your flight confirmation email to , and TripIt will create your personalized flight itinerary, with flight number information, airport details, booking details, and more.

You can also create your account here – then add your flight information manually.

Flight Itinerary Benefits

Once TripIt knows your flight booking details, you can quickly check for itinerary changes, or you can view important flight details from your mobile phone, just by logging into your TripIt account at

Premium Flight Itinerary Tracking

If you’re on the road regularly, you might consider TripIt Pro, which automatically tracks your itinerary and sends you SMS alerts or emails whenever there is a change to your flight itinerary.

In many cases, with TripIt Pro, you will be alerted to changes in your flight itinerary before employees at the airport let you know.