Travel Management Software

Manage all of your travel plans in one spot with free travel management software from TripIt.

TripIt offers a free software service that builds travel itineraries based on your travel confirmation emails. To get started, create your free account, or forward any of your confirmation emails – flight, hotel, car rental, or others – to

Flight Management Software

TripIt supports emails from more than 1,000 travel booking sites, many of which are flight booking sites. Once you add your flight information to your itinerary, you can quickly check for flight delays, flight rebates, or quickly check in to your flight online.

You can then also keep track of your flight times, flight numbers, flight booking details, airline contact information, plus many more flight details.

Hotel Management Software

You can also forward your hotel booking email to, and instantly add your hotel information to your travel itinerary.

Once added, TripIt keeps track of your hotel name and address, plus automatically generates driving directions between your airport and hotel.

Travel Expense Management

TripIt also helps you keep track of your total travel miles, travel spend, and travel distance for flights, hotels, car rentals, taxis, shuttles, and more.

You can also sync your TripIt account to any number of supported travel apps that are built specifically for expense management. That way, you can stream your travel detail directly into your online expense management folder.

Mobile Travel Management Software

Once you’ve created your travel itinerary online (this will only take a minute or two), you can access and manage all of your travel details on your mobile phone. Either log into the TripIt mobile site – – or download any of the free travel management apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

Then, from your mobile device, you can access all of your flight and hotel details, local maps, driving directions, and more, plus see who in your travel network is in the same city as you when you are traveling.

To get started, create your free account.