Travel Itinerary Template

Use our free travel itinerary template to organize your travel plans.

To get started, create your free account, or forward any of your travel confirmation emails to . TripIt will automatically build a custom travel itinerary, fit nicely into a single template.

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Automatically Add These Plans to Your Itinerary Template

  • Flight Departure and Arrival Time
  • Airport Name and Address
  • Directions to and from the Airport
  • Airline Booking and Contact Details
  • Hotel Room and Confirmation Number
  • Hotel Address and Directions to the Hotel
  • Local Road Maps
  • Car Rental Location

Sample Travel Itinerary Template

One template for all of your travel plans makes it easy to stay organized and quickly access important travel details.

Many Types of Travel – One Template

TripIt’s online travel itinerary can serve as a template for all types of travel and vacations, including interntional travel, local trips, multi-stop trips, road trips, business trips, and group trips. TripIt uses a master template that’s easy to access and that makes it easy to organize all of your travel plans no matter how complicated your trip is.

Share Your Itinerary and Template

Once you build your itinerary, you can also connect with friends and colleagues on TripIt, and share your travel plans with them automatically. You can also create a public itinerary and share your template with your personal network with a public link.

Mobile Itinerary Template

Our itinerary template makes it easy to access your travel plans on mobile phones as well. Once you build your itinerary, our template fits nicely into any mobile phone. To view a mobile template, simply sign into your account on our mobile site –