Tour Itinerary Template

Keep track of all of your pesky tour details with the free tour itinerary template from TripIt.

TripIt organizes all of your tour details – flight info, hotel info, airport details, and more – and combines them automatically into a single itinerary using a standardized tour template.

Tour Itinerary Template Builder

To get started, create your free account and start forwarding all of your travel confirmation emails, either from your tour provider or from your airline, hotel, or car rental company, to . TripIt then recognizes your email address and automatically adds all of the appropriate details into a single tour itinerary template.

Sharing Your Tour Itinerary Template

Keeping all of your tour details inside a standardized template makes it easy to share all of your travel details. Once you forward all travel information to , you can create a single link that makes it easy to share your travel dates, travel times, tour details, and much more.

Sharing your tour itinerary makes it especially easy to coordinate airport pickup and dropoff details, plus you can automatically alert your friends, family, or colleagues of when you are experiencing flight delays.

You can even sync up your itinerary with Facebook or Linkedin.

Mobile Tour Itinerary Template

Another benefit of using the online tour itinerary template is you can then easily access all of your tour itinerary information on you mobile phone.

Once you have your itinerary created (which will only take a minute or two), you can all of your itinerary details by logging into your account at , or by downloading any of the free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

If you won’t have mobile access during your tour, you can also print your travel details before your trip.