The Ultimate Travel Tracker

Create travel itineraries online, and TripIt will automatically track your travel distance for each trip, plus add up your travel mileage and travel distance over time.

You can also track your flight and hotel plans for each trip, and access important travel information from your mobile phone.

To get started, create your free TripIt account.

Free Travel Tracker Online

TripIt creates travel itineraries based on your flight, hotel, and car rental confirmation emails. You can forward any of these emails to, and TripIt will automatically start calculating your travel distance and organize all of your travel details.

You can then track where you’ve been as well as how many miles you’ve traveled by logging into your account on

Free Travel Tracker on Your Mobile

If you want to track your travel plans from you mobile phone, you can also log into your TripIt account on the TripIt mobile site – – or you can download any of the free travel tracking apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

Get Started with the free Travel Tracker

Either create your free account online, or start forwarding emails to TripIt will remember your email address, and make it easy for you to access all your travel plans from any internet connection or from any mobile phone with internet service.