SMS Travel Alerts

Receive SMS travel alerts and messages on your mobile phone. TripIt will send you an SMS message whenever your flight is delayed or canceled, or if your departing gate changes.

To get started with SMS travel alerts, create a TripIt account, and forward your flight confirmation email to . Then, sign up for a free one-month trial of TripIt Pro, which in addition to mobile text message alerts, will provide flight itinerary monitoring and travel mileage tracking.

You can also signup for a free TripIt account, and simply access your flight itinerary from your mobile phone, which allows for free flight status checks and flight refund checks, or lets you access local maps, weather, and directions on your mobile phone.

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International SMS Travel Alerts

You can access SMS travel alerts from mobile phones worldwide, including The US, UK, Canada, and Australia, plus all countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

SMS Travel and Flight Alerts from All Major Airlines

You can create flight itineraries and access mobile alerts and text messages for flights booked with any of the following international or local airlines, among many others.

- Aer Lingus
- Air Canada
- Air France
- Alaska Airlines
- Alitalia
- American Airlines
- British Airways
- Continental Airlines
- Delta Airlines
- Frontier Airlines
- Iberia
- JetBlue
- JetStar
- Lufthansa
- Qantas
- Ryanair
- Singapore Airlines
- Southwest Airlines
- Spirit Airlines
- United Airlines
- Virgin America Airlines