Sample Itinerary for Business Trip

TripIt lets you build a travel itinerary for your business trips, simply by forwarding any of your travel confirmation emails to

Sample Online Itinerary for a Business Trip

Organize all of your plans into a single template, which you can then access online, and which you can automatically sync up with your Linkedin account, to find out which of your colleagues will be close to you when you are traveling.

Creating your own business trip itinerary is a free service.

Sample Mobile Itinerary for a Business Trip

Once you create your itinerary, you can also access it on your mobile phone, making it easy to access your flight status, terminal maps, directions to the airport, hotel address information, car rental information, local maps, and local weather information – all right on your mobile device.

To access your itinerary on your mobile, either log into your account on the TripIt mobile site, or download any of the free apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

If you download any of the free business travel apps, you can also access important flight details such as your flight number, airline, hotel address, and more without an internet connection. You just need to open the app at least after creating your itinerary.

Learn more about free mobile apps for business travel.

Business Trip Itinerary Features

Once you forward your travel booking emails to , TripIt will automatically create the following:

  • Local Maps for Your Destination
  • Driving Directions between Your Airport and Hotel
  • Average Weather Information for Your Destination
  • Closeness Alerts for Your Travel Network
  • One-Click Access to Your Flight Status
  • One-Click Access to Terminal Maps
  • One-Click Access to Flight Rebate Information

To get started, create your free account.