Route Planner UK

Plan your route through The UK or find the best route between UK cities with TripIt.

Driving Route Planner UK

Access driving directions and distance information on a personalized travel map of The UK. Zoom in and out of UK highways and side roads to find the best route, or use the suggested directions that are automatically generated.

Plan your route inside or between UK cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glascow, and more.

Popular UK Driving Routes

M3 – London to Portsmouth
M4 – London to Bristol
M1 or M40 – London to Birmingham
M1 to M62 or M40 to M6 – London to Manchester
M62 – Manchester to Liverpool
M64 to A74 – Manchester or Liverpool to Glascow
M8 – Glascow to Edinburgh

Flight Route Planner UK

If you are traveling by air in the UK, you can also plan your route by forwarding your flight confirmation emails to

TripIt can then read your emails, and automatically create driving directions from your airport to your hotel, plus provide local maps based on your airport information.

TripIt understands booking emails from a large variety of UK travel booking sites, UK airlines, UK tour operators, UK car rental agencies, and UK train ticket booking sites. Here is the full list of supported partners.

Rail Route Planner UK

If you are traveling by rail in the UK, you can also forward these booking emails to, keeping your train ticket information organized with the rest of your route details.

TripIt supports emails from Eurostar, Virgin Trains, and others.