Road Trip Template

Plan your road trip online with the free road trip template found here. Organize all of your maps, driving directions, route details, and stops in one place.

Using this online template, you can also keep track of your travel mileage and share your destination and trip details with your friends or with the people who will be driving with you.

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Trip Template with Road Maps and Directions

When you plug in your destination, the online road trip planner automatically generates local road maps and driving directions that fit nicely into your template.

Printer-Friendly Road Trip Template

This template also keeps all of your plans on only one or two pages, which you can then print out and which fits nicely inside your glove box.

Before you print, decide which travel details you want on your itinerary – maps, directions, or other points of interest – and then print out only the travel details you need.

Mobile Access to Road Trip Plans

If you can’t be bothered with printing out your itinerary ahead of time, using an online template makes it easy to access your plans on your mobile phone as well. All you need is an internet connection on your phone, and you can access all of your road trip plans simply by logging into your TripIt account on the mobile site –

Only One Template Needed

Learn more about road trip templates and travel planning online. By creating a single itinerary using our free online template, it makes it easy to organize and share all of your travel plans in one spot.