Road Trip Planner with Stops

Plan a road trip with stops with the online trip planner. Simply plug in your destination, and TripIt will automatically generate the best route between stops with turn by turn driving directions and Google Maps.

Road Trip Planner on the Go

For each attraction that you plan on visiting during your trip, simply add the address, contact information, and website URL for each point of interest. You can then print out all of your road trip details on a single piece of paper, or access your road trip itinerary on your mobile phone.

Road Trip Planner with Maps

TripIt automatically generates travel maps for your road trip based on each destination and stop. You can also access driving directions between two points as well as best route information, travel time, and travel distance overall.

Share Plans and Stops

Once you’ve planned your road trip, you can also share your plans with friends and colleagues, and let the know when you will be in the same city as them.

The online road trip planner is extremely simple to use, and makes adding stops during your road trip even more fun.

To get started with building and sharing your road trip, create your free account.