Road Trip Map Generator

Instantly create a map for your next road trip. Just plug in your destination and TripIt will auto-generate a map with driving directions. Create Your Free Account

If you are staying in a hotel, you can also forward your hotel confirmation email to , and TripIt will auto-generate your road trip itinerary for you based on your hotel’s address. Learn More

TripIt also calculates your travel distance and time. For local directions, TripIt will give you turn by turn driving instructions. Free Signup

Print out Road Trip Maps

Once you create your road trip itinerary, you can easily print out your map and take your road trip driving directions and route detail away with you.

No matter where you are traveling to, or whether or not you have a phone, you’ll have your map with local driving information.

Access Road Trip Maps on Mobile

If you have a mobile phone with internet access, you can also access your itinerary with road map information whenever you log into your account from your phone.