Road Trip Itinerary

TripIt is a free travel itinerary builder that can organize all of your road trip itinerary details in one spot.

To get started, plug in your destinations, and TripIt will automatically generate local maps, driving directions, best route information, local weather, and more.

If you have already booked a hotel, you can also forward your hotel booking email to, and TripIt will then start building your road trip itinerary based on your hotel’s address – pretty cool!

Road Trip Itinerary Higlights

Don’t forget this important information inside your road itinerary:

  • Destination city with possible stops along the way
  • Best route details with optional route information
  • Name and address of all lodging spots
  • Name and address of alternative hotels or motels
  • Rest stops along your route
  • Estimated travel time

Access Your Road Trip Itinerary on Mobile

Once you have your itinerary created, you can access your road trip plans right on your mobile phone as well. Its as easy as logging into your account on the TripIt mobile site – – or downloading any of the free travel apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

Share Your Road Trip Itinerary

Once you have your road trip itinerary created, you can also share this itinerary with friends and family, letting them know where you’re going and how long you will be gone, as well as your specific travel dates.

Your trip itinerary includes all of this information, and its easy to share your itinerary inside TripIt or with a single link that you can share via email, Facebook, or with other social networks.