Professional Itinerary Template

Create a professional itinerary with the free itinerary template from TripIt.

TripIt is a free itinerary builder that makes it easy to organize travel plans, meeting details, maps, and more.

To get started, either create your account or start forwarding travel confirmation emails to

Create a Professional Itinerary

Organize all of your travel or meeting plans in a single itinerary. This is a great tool for business trips or sales trips, or for conferences that are either local or out of town.

Keep track of who you are meeting and when, as well important transportation details such as flight times or hotel check-in times.

You can also auto-generate local maps and driving directions by forwarding any travel booking confirmation emails to

Professional Template Online or on Mobile

Once you build your itinerary, you can either access it online by logging into your TripIt account, or by access it on mobile, by logging into your account on the TripIt mobile site.

You can also access your itinerary by logging into your account on any of the free mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phones.

Share Professional Looking Itineraries

Also once you create your itinerary, its easy to share it with friends or colleagues, letting them know when you will arrive, what you are doing while traveling, as well as the name of your hotel.

Sharing this information makes it easy to connect with the people you want to connect with, and makes it easy to organize multiple meetings and meeting requests.

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