Planning a Trip to South Africa

South Africa Trip Planner and Planning Guide

Plan a trip to South Africa with the free trip planner and itinerary builder or see which airlines, airports, and stopover cities are the most popular.

Countries with Direct Flights to South Africa

Find countries with the most direct flights to South Africa. Most popular countries with airports that offer direct flights to South Africa from Europe, Asia, US, and other African countries.

Airports with Direct Flights to South Africa

Airports with direct flights to South Africa from around the world. Most popular airports for direct flights from London, Atlanta, New York, Dubai, and others.

Popular Airports in South Africa

The most popular airports in South Africa for both international or domestic flights. Listed in order of number of flights tracked by TripIt.

Popular South African Domestic Airlines

A list of the most popular airlines in South Africa for domestic flights between airports in South Africa, including South African Airways, British Airways, Kulula Air, and others.