Planning a Trip to Las Vegas

Driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas

Plan a driving trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada with the free trip planner online. Get driving directions, driving maps, driving distance, and more.

Las Vegas Driving Distances

Going on a driving trip to Las Vegas? Approximate driving distances in miles for popular starting points for Las Vegas trips. Organize driving plans.

Driving from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

Driving details for a road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon National Park, including route details, driving directions, and road information, plus how to create maps.

Popular Outdoor Activities Near Las Vegas

A list of outdoors activities and location near Las Vegas Nevada. All of these canyons, gorges, mountains, and rivers are located in the South East section of Nevada, near the border of Arizona.

Themed Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas

Why not visit the themed Hotels and Casinos of Las Vegas, each of which looks eerily similar to the actual cities in real life.

Popular Hotels in Las Vegas

Information and history on some of the most famous and popular hotels on the Las Vegas strip, including the Wynn, Treasure Island, The Venetian, The Bellagio, and more

Las Vegas Travel Itinerary

Las Vegas is best known for gambling, casinos, over-the-top theme hotels and popular nightclubs. However, there are myriad other activities to partake in, including fine dining, theater, shopping, spas, and outdoor adventures.

Las Vegas Airport Information

McCarran International Airport (Airport code: LAS) is the primary airport servicing the greater Las Vegas area.

Average Temperatures in Las Vegas

Here are the average monthly temperatures for Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Convention Center Information

There are four primary convention centers in Las Vegas. Here is the address and basic information for each.