Planning a Trip to Florida

Driving from Chicago to Florida

Plan a driving trip from Chicago to Florida with driving directions, driving maps, best route information, driving time and more. Free driving trip planner.

Driving from Boston to Florida

Plan a driving trip from Boston to Florida. Driving directions, maps, and driving distance for trips from Boston to Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and more Florida cities.

I-4 Florida Highway

Interstate 4 (I-4) is a 132.30-mile intrastate Highway located entirely within the state of Florida, United States.

Driving from New York to Florida

Plan your driving trip from New York to Florida online with the free trip planner from TripIt. Organize maps, driving directions, and route detail

Road Map of Florida

Create a road map of Florida with driving directions. Find the best route with turn by turn road detail and driving time, and print out your road map or access it on your mobile phone.

Disney World Itinerary Template

Plan a trip to Disney World with the free online itinerary template. Organize your flight details, Disney World hotel information, and local maps of Orlando.

Florida Route Planner

Use the Florida Route Planner to plan your trip in Florida. Use maps and driving directions to find the best route.

Map of Sunrise, FL USA

Sunrise Florida is a city in the tri-county cluster of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. It is located about 37 miles north of Miami, and about 12 miles west of Fort Lauderdale.

Florida Keys Trip Planner

1,700 Islands connected by almost as many bridges and causeways, you’ll need to have the entire Jimmy Buffet anthology to make it from one side of the Florida Keys to the other.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida

St Augustine Lighthouse travel information and resources. Plan a trip to St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida as part of a Florida Road Trip