Planning a Trip to Europe

10 Most Popular Destinations in Europe

Travel information and building photos from the most visited cities in Europe, including London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid, Prague, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Vienna.

Europe Travel Itinerary

Sample Europe itinerary including trips to Paris, Italy, and Amsterdam, with stops in Tuscany, Lake Como, and Florence. Plan your next trip to Europe online.

Maps of Europe

Sample map of Europe that is automatically inserted into European travel itineraries. Enjoy all the functionality of online maps either inside your itinerary or on your mobile phone.

A Travel Map of Italy

Here is a Travel Map of Italy. Most visitors fly into Italy via airports in Rome, Florence, or Milan.

Distance between London and Major Cities in Europe in Miles

London is a popular starting point for European travel. Find the distance between London and major cities in Europe in miles. Flights from London and many of these cities are surprisingly short.